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Vajacial?? What is that???

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We have been doing Vajacials for clients for several years. When we first discussed adding them to the service menu, we talked about what to call it. Should we call it a VU-jacial? A VAGacial? A Vagina-facial?? It is a bit tricky because the area being serviced is actually the Mons Pubis (also known as the Pubic area) and the upper outer labia. We didn't want to call it a Pubacial, mostly because we just didn't like the way that sounded. So we settled on Vajacial.

Although technically that could allow clients to think we are providing the service on or near the VAgina, at least using the VA as part of the service they know the body area we are servicing and we can explain exactly what area of the body we will be working on when we have the client in the room. Since some of you might still be wondering, we decided to explain it here also so you don't have to wait until you come in to the Spa to know exactly what a Vajacial is.

So what exactly is a Vajacial and why do we do one for a client? Basically a Vajacial is a simple "facial" for the pubic area of a female on her mons pubis and upper outer labia. During the service we cleanse the skin, apply a light exfoliant (often a gentle enzyme), remove any ingrown hairs or blackheads, apply a mask to treat any skin conditions, (dark spots, ingrowns, inflammation, etc), and finish with some witch hazel to restore the skin back to its natural pH levels.

Spa vajacial

We can do this service as an add-on after any Sugaring service in the pubic area of a female or we can do it as a stand alone service. It is less expensive to do as an add-on and because we perform Sugaring hair removal rather than waxing hair removal your skin will not be inflamed out irritated and a Vajacial can be done immediately after your Sugaring service. It is relaxing, and often very helpful for dealing with problems with the delicate skin in the intimate areas of the female body. Dark spots from ingrown hair or inflammation, pink spots or scars from inflammation, ingrown hairs, and many other skin concerns can all be improved with a vajacial.

If you have any skin concerns "down there", talk to your Esthetician if you are already a Sugar and Skin Spa client, and if not, book an appointment to come see us and lets work together to give you the skin you want, no matter where on your body it is!

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