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First Brazilian Sugar Wax? What You Need To know!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

The anticipation of your first Brazilian waxing can make you nervous but the good news is… you are not alone! Here are some questions sent in by new clients and the answers. Hope these help.

I have never had a Brazilian and I know Brazilians are one of the most popular services at the spa. So why do people get Brazilian sugaring done?

There are a variety of reasons people tell us they like to have a Brazilian. The number one reason we hear is cleanliness. Most people feel that hair holds odor and by removing the hair the potential odor is removed. Keep in mind that Brazilian does not always mean completely hair free. Each client can choose to leave as much (or as little) hair as they want on their body. Some people like to leave hair behind on their body so they are not completely bare, however each client is the boss and gets to choose. We do exactly what each client wants for their own body.

Do I get to clean myself before you "get down to business"?

We do have wipes in the bathroom and in the treatment rooms. Clients can use these to “freshen up” if they feel they would like to do so.

How do I prepare for my first Brazilian Sugaring?

We prefer for clients to not remove their hair by any means (including shaving) for two weeks prior to their first appointment. We need the hair to be at least 1/4 inch long. (About the size of a long grain of rice) in order for the sugar paste to be able to grab it. Sugar paste does not stick to the skin, it wraps around the hair follicle and gently pulls it out. So the hair needs to be long enough for the sugar paste to wrap around it. We also ask that clients do not exfoliate their skin for 24 hours prior to their appointment and do not use any lotions or oils on the area of hair removal the day of their appointment.

I envision lying wide open for all to see, is it like this? Not at all. Each treatment rooms is private and the only person in the room with each client during the appointment is the client and the Esthetician. In addition, we provide clients with a towel to “cover up” so they are covered when the Esthetician enters the room. We also always leave while clients change, before and after their treatment to give them privacy. Client comfort is very important to us.

Are you going to have full vision of all my parts? Doing a Brazilian requires removing hair from the intimate areas of the body. Because we are using a sugar paste that is sticky it is difficult to remove the hair well if there is any item of clothing covering the area. Of course, we do our best to keep clients not just physically comfortable but also emotionally comfortable. If clients are concerned about having someone see the intimate areas of their body, they may want to consider a deepline or bikini sugaring first. With those services we can keep some areas covered more during the treatment.

Will there be itching as the hair regrows? Usually not. Because the hair is being removed from the root you won’t experience the itching like that of sharp hair (from shaving) poking through. When hair regrows after sugaring it is more sparse, softer and finer, therefore less itchy.

Can you perform a Brazilian at home? We would not recommend a client attempt their own Brazilian at home. The skin in the intimate areas of the body can be extremely sensitive and pulling too firmly or in the incorrect direction can cause the skin to tear.

So why is it called a Brazilian? There is actually some controversy around this. There is a group of sisters from Brazil that owned a waxing salon in NYC. They claim they invented the removal of hair on women in this style because they wanted women to feel confident wearing small bikini bottoms. Others believe it came from the skimpy thong style bikini bottoms worn in Rio and the removal of hair to accommodate the small bikini bottoms. Who knows for sure? This method of hair removal has been around forever. It used to be called a “full front to back”, but maybe word "Brazilian" started being used because it is shorter than "full front to back" and soon everyone knew exactly what you were talking about.

How long does a Brazilian Wax (Sugar) last? Most hair will stay gone for about two weeks. At that time you will notice hairs starting to grow back. However the hair will be much more sparse. It usually takes about 7-8 weeks (sometimes longer) for the hair to return to the same fullness it was prior to the Brazilian Sugaring.

What should I expect after first time Brazilian from Sugar and Skin Spa? Firstly, your skin will be smooth and soft. When your hair begins to grow back it will be softer, finer, and quite sparse. We encourage clients to exfoliate a couple of times a week and we always send new clients home with a sample of our awesome brand new Sweet Relief toner, a Sugar Scrub (made by a local NC company called KM Creations) and a cute swag bag.

Do I have to wait to shower or swim? No, you can swim or shower immediately after getting a Brazilian Sugaring. The only thing we ask clients to do is wait 24 hours before working out or engaging in any sexual intimacy. This is because the pores are open (since the hair has been removed) and we prefer clients have no sweat in those open pores. Sweat in the open pores may cause some irritation which is why we recommend waiting 24 hours. We send new clients home with written instructions in case they forget our recommendations. :-)

Do you have any funny stories you can share about sugaring? Honestly, there are so many. I guess the one that happens most often is sugar getting flung across the room. Because the sugar paste is pliable, sometimes when we “flick” the sugar paste, a little bit can be flung across the room. So there will be a little blob of sugar on the wall or floor. Good thing we are so great about cleaning and sanitation. ;-)

Do people eventually find Brazilian Waxing or Sugaring comfortable or is it always uncomfortable? It is not pain free, however most of our clients tell us they just “get used to it” and it is less uncomfortable as time goes on. We tell clients the first time is always the worst time. Because the hair grows back thinner and finer a maintenance appointment, which we recommend every 4 weeks takes about half the time as an initial Brazilian. Also clients are welcome to take some motrin or tylenol 30 minutes prior to their appointment if they would like to help with discomfort.

How long does a Brazilian Wax take? We schedule 45 minutes for an initial Brazilian and 30 minutes for maintenance.

Watch this quick video made by Echo's client @beautywithaj getting her first Brazilian sugaring done. (posted with permission. <3. )

If you have any other questions please let us know by calling us at 757-966-2777 or emailing us at We look forward to providing you with an excellent service!! <3

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